Monday, September 14, 2015


The purpose of this blog is to update students on relevant information on scholarships so that we us AFRICANS can get the opportunity to study in reputable educational institutions anywhere in the world. Before i proceed i will like to make it clear that a scholarship can be gotten only when a person is aware of its existence .It cannot be gotten when you are not aware of it. Several bloggers have tried in diverse ways to bring information on scholarships to people but the INFORMATION GAP is still wide. Someone may ask a question like"what is an information gap?  An information gap under scholarships refers to the gap between a scholarship opportunity and its awareness .When more people are aware of scholarship opportunities we say there is a narrow gap. On the other hand, when few people are aware of the opportunities, we say the gap is wide .Ladies and gentlemen, in AFRICA information on scholarships do not reach out to every corner of the continent.It is against this background that i have taken it upon myself to feed you with information on scholarships.


 Research Grants for Science for Humanitarian Emergencies & Resilience (SHEAR) Research Programme, 2015

Courses: Research Program
Subjects: Research should contribute knowledge and evidence to enhance the resilience of sub Saharan African and South Asian people to natural hazards.

Eligible Students: All Countries
Application Deadline 1 September 2015
Apply Now through SHEAR Research program 2015


Provided by: Honjo International Scholarship Foundation, Japan

Courses: Subjects: Multiple Subjects

Eligible Students: Foreign Students
Application Deadline October 31, 2015
Apply Now through Honjo International Foundation Japan

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